About Mamas Talk Money

Money isn’t as simple as addition and subtraction. There are aspects of money, especially for moms, that are far more complicated.

How do you handle difficulties of time out of the workforce when you have kids? Can you save enough for retirement if you take time off to care for your kids or aging family members? And how do you teach your kids about money when you feel lost yourself?

These struggles are amplified by financial advice that often makes women feel like outsiders and a fear of talking about money at all. 

Mamas Talk Money is a free online summit, bringing together expert speakers who are women and mothers themselves, to give mothers a place to find financial advice that understands their struggles, can answer their questions and help move more families towards financial freedom.

We want to start a conversation. We want to give moms the confidence to talk about money with their family and friends.

About the Host

Mamas Talk Money is created and organized by Smart Money Mamas, a place for moms to talk and learn about money in all the ways it touches all moms busy, messy lives. As Smart Money Mamas has developed, our favorite part of the business was interacting directly with moms and creating a safe place for moms to ask any question about money. The Mamas Talk Money summit is a natural extension of those passions.

Smart Money Mamas was founded by ex-hedge fund manager, Chelsea Brennan. After several years working on Wall Street and actively investing, Chelsea made a major life change to pursue her passion for personal finance education and create a lifestyle that allowed her to spend more time with her young boys.

Chelsea is a recovering perfectionist, aspiring homesteader, and full-blown Potterhead living in Connecticut with her husband (a rockstar stay-at-home dad and board game enthusiast), two young boys, a puppy named Stitches, and 14 crazy chickens.