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Mamas Talk Money is a high energy, positive online conference that helps moms find their financial confidence and ditch money anxiety.

Mamas Talk Money is a large-scale online personal finance conference specifically for moms. In 2019, our first year, over 18,000 moms registered for the event and joined this important conversation!

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Moms have questions about finances. In the U.S. today over 64% of mothers are the sole, primary, or co-breadwinner at home. But despite women having more influence in budgeting and investing decisions, many moms feel like the financial advice available doesn’t speak to their unique needs or isn’t trustworthy. And while their big questions keep them up at night, they’re uncomfortable bringing the topic up with friends and family.

That’s where Mamas Talk Money comes in.

The Mamas Talk Money Summit, hosted by Smart Money Mamas, is a 5-day virtual event with over 30 speakers on topics across family finance, investing, retirement and estate planning, career, business, and raising financially savvy kids.

Our expert speakers know the challenges facing women and moms because they are women and moms. And, without leaving the house or putting on makeup, all attendees can find a safe place to talk about their big questions and take huge steps towards their financial goals in the Mamas Talk Money online community.

About the Host

Smart Money Mamas

Smart Money Mamas is a blog, podcast, and online community committed to helping moms find their financial confidence and live their best lives. Smart Money Mamas is changing the narrative around money by showing moms that showing up and managing your money is a radical act of self-care – that it can give you more freedom in all areas of life, reduce stress and anxiety, and model good money relationships for your kids.

Smart Money Mamas has an active blog with over 75,000 monthly pageviews, podcast – the Smart Money Mamas Show, and engaged email list of over 24,000 mamas.

Smart Money Mamas and founder, Chelsea Brennan, have been featured on Forbes, Money, Business Insider, Scary Mommy, The Huffington Post, 60 Second Docs, GoBankingRates, and many more media platforms.

Chelsea Brennan

Chelsea is the founder of Smart Money Mamas and the annual online summit, Mamas Talk Money. An ex-investment manager turned financial educator, she helps moms through her podcast, free resources, courses, and speaking engagements.

Chelsea is also a Certified Financial Education Instructor by NFEC and passionate about all areas of motherhood and money. She aims to change the way we talk about money so that more women can see money management as a true form of self-care.

A recovering perfectionist, aspiring homesteader, and full-blown Potterhead, Chelsea lives in Connecticut with her husband (a rockstar stay-at-home dad and board game enthusiast) and two adorable and crazy young boys.

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