Emergency Planning is a Gift.

EmergencyBinders.com makes sure your most important information is organized for your loved ones so they can find what they need, when they need it

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What do we do at EmergencyBinders.com?

EmergencyBinders.com, powered by Smart Money Mamas, helps families fill the gaps left by traditional estate planning (wills, trusts, and insurance policies) so families always have what they need in a crisis, making tough situations just a little more manageable.

We’ve seen time and again that while estate plans and insurance policies are absolutely key, you also need to have the organization to make executing those documents easy. Because a will doesn’t tell your loved ones the important things that keep life running – what bills are on auto-pay, how to access accounts, when home systems need maintenance.

With over 15,000 Family Emergency Binders sold, we’re taking the mystery out of organizing your finances and life for emergencies.


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What Is The Family Emergency Binder?

Organize your family’s most important information – from finances to traditions to bed time stories – so you’re prepared, no matter what happens.

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Our best-selling Family Emergency Binder (over 12,000 copies sold) is now available as a physical 8GB flash drive for easy updating and storage!

What Information Does the Binder Organize?

The Family Emergency Binder is broken down into 3 main modules – Key Family Information, Financial Information, and Need to Know Information – covering everything from medical information and family traditions to how to pay bills, insurance information, and burial preferences. 

Each module has subsections to make the binder easy to navigate, letting you or your loved ones quickly find what you need! With the Binder, you never need to worry about whether you’ve written down the right things or thought of everything. It’s all there for you. Just fill in the blanks and rest easy.

What Is The Home Maintenance Binder?

Owning a house is many things – a place for family and memory making, an investment, a sense of safety. But it’s also a lot of work.

Homes these days have many systems, appliances, and equipment to keep them running in ship-shape and sometimes it feels like there is always something to upkeep.

Luckily, your home maintenance binder can make it all easier!

What Information Does the Binder Organize?

Completing your home maintenance binder will organize all of your home details, service contacts, and task reminders in one place. So, when something goes wrong, you don’t need to go searching for model numbers or warranty information.

In addition, in an average couple, one person shoulders the household upkeep more than the other. So, consider, what would the person who does less upkeep do if their partner wasn’t available for any reason? Would the home fall into disrepair? Would maintenance be missed simply because they didn’t know it needed to happen?

The home maintenance binder serves as a guide for anyone who needs to care for your home, short-term or long-term. It makes sure your asset is well protected and extra repair costs caused by skipped maintenance are avoided.

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