Jocelyn De Leon

Jocelyn De Leon

Meet Jocelyn

Jocelyn De Leon was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Jocelyn is a first-generation Latina Entrepreneur with a background in the entertainment industry as a TV show producer, digital content creator, and radio host. These days, Jocelyn is the founder of a lifestyle brand, Hire Women. Jocelyn’s biggest passion is helping women break through limiting beliefs and changing generational narratives through her podcast and content, often referred to as ‘Mindset Mami.’ 

Her passion for mindset started in 2016 when she found herself unemployed after being laid off from her dream job. Jocelyn felt stuck, uninspired, and defeated when she couldn’t find a job. She eventually realized the real issue wasn’t the lack of job opportunities, it was her limiting beliefs — the belief that she wasn’t worthy of having money or a successful career. She spent two years studying the mind and brain functions through books, podcasts, and YouTube while working odd jobs like acting, voice-overs, audience work, and reselling clothes. Although the teachers and content were amazing, it was difficult for her to connect with them because she couldn’t relate to them. She decided she wanted to be the teacher Latinas could relate to so she took it upon herself to spread this life-changing knowledge that she had acquired and implemented in her own journey. 

Jocelyn has been a keynote speaker for 600+ women at the Women Expo, hosted free workshops for high school girls, and has been on numerous panels to talk about the power of the mind and how to navigate through stress and fear. She’s been featured on Vice, Fast Company, and Univision. 

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