Speaker Spotlight: Kyara Gray

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Meet Kyara

As a co-founder of Charm City Buyers, Kyara leads the way for strategy, management, and execution of the vision through strategic focus, organizational strategy, operational capacity and overall leadership. With deep passion for “seeing the opportunity in (historically Black) neighborhoods first,” Kyara has launched Charm City Buyers as a nationally recognized brand known for our love of Baltimore and closing the wealth gap through real estate. 

Kyara’s passion for real estate runs deep and her ability to identify strong investment opportunities allowed her to build a seven-figure rental portfolio within 4 years and transition into full-time entrepreneurship since 2016. She has also expanded her holdings to not only include rental properties but also provide opportunities for homeownership (renovate to sell). In 2021 Kyara is a majority owner of a full-service General Construction company with the intent to expand as the premier historic, residential contractor in the region.

It has never been enough to succeed alone. As a result, Kyara has been committed to empowering and educating more people to build wealth through real estate. This has resulted in countless property purchases by mostly women and POC in Baltimore City. More specifically, in the final two quarters of 2021, students of Charm City Buyers’ flagship program acquired $8M / 100 units within Baltimore City. By consistently increasing annual revenues, she has created, tested, and enhanced a technologically advanced scalable business model. Kyara’s business acumen and commitment to excellence has resulted in her national recognition from prestigious institutions including Forbes and Black Enterprise.

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Voting With Our Dollars: How to Use Your Financial Power to Make the World a Better Place

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