Speaker Spotlight: Molly Grubb

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Meet Molly

Molly Grubb is the Founder of Grubb Wealth, the premier personal CFO firm for helping business owners become even more successful. Grubb Wealth is designed to help business owners realize their success by building out structures to free up their time and money which allows them to protect their wealth and build a company that is transferable to the next generation on their terms.

Molly and her team’s mission is to educate over 10,000 family business owners to gain more control over their personal and professional lives so they can find and achieve their true purpose. She has spoken on the TedX stage, as well as many other well known stages across the country. Molly summarizes her coaching and speaking topics in her latest book, Build Your Dynasty.

When Molly is not busy connecting with her audiences and serving clients, she loves grooving on the dance floor, running and/or biking her heart out on any trail close to her as well and traveling the world. She is a die-hard Buckeye fan and always up for spending some time with her large family. Basically, Molly lives what she teaches, work hard but play harder.

Keynote Topic:

Why Every Mom Needs to Adopt Dynastic Thinking

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