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The event is currently in session, registration is closed, and hundreds of mamas are busy designing their legacies! See you for the next event in October!

Mama, It's Time To Start Shaping The Financial Legacy You're Creating for Your Family.

Mamas Talk Money: Apr 8-10 | Online

We’re in a time where the world feels so uncertain – where planning for the future feels overwhelming and seems like something we can put off.

But here’s the truth, mama – the only way to guarantee more security and more freedom in your future – in your kids’ future – is to start taking small, deliberate actions today.

And that’s what Mamas Talk Money events are all about. In one weekend, you’ll clear the fog, chuck the overwhelm, and leave with a plan you can start implementing right away.

At The Legacy You Leave, You Will...

Define Your Family Money Values

Day One: You’ll get guidance through deciding the family money values that will provide focus and consistency to your decisions.

Design Your Dream Legacy

Day Two: We’ll take the time to create a clear picture of the financial legacy you want to build for your family and your community.

Create Your Legacy Building Action Plan

Day Three: We’ll guide you through outlining the first steps you need to take to make your dream legacy a reality.

Mama, how will your kids remember you and what you taught them about money?


What kind of legacy are you leaving them? (Hint: You’re already leaving a legacy whether you realize it or not.)

Our kids are watching us constantly. How we use our money, what we spend it on, and how we feel about it is what they see. Those will be their first money memories and the beginning of their money story. To help our kids have strong money values, we have to have them first. 

What we think about wealth – what it means, how attainable it is, and how to build it will be their first definition of wealth. For our kids to know that wealth is about more than dollars in the bank, we have to believe that first.

The way we talk about money – how open we are, what kinds of words we use, who we talk to and how often – will be what our kids think is normal. To help our kids be comfortable talking about money and be brave enough to ask for help when they need it, we have to be brave first.

About the The Legacy You Leave...

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Mamas Talk Money: The Legacy You Leave is a 3-day live online conference all about creating lasting generational wealth - whatever that means to you - featuring over 30 incredible women who are money and business experts and are out there building and living their legacies.

Mamas Talk Money is a community-centered event that's designed to start a conversation. So you can find your best money mom friends. Women who are willing to be intentional with their money habits and goals to create the best possible life for themselves and their families.

For three days, April 8th through 10th, we're getting together online to let as many moms as possible know:

1.) You have the power to build generational wealth and create a thriving financial legacy for your family and your community.

2.) You don't have to sacrifice your happiness, your health, or your values to do it. (In fact, you can't do it if you sacrifice those things.)

Mamas talk Money is NOT your average online event...

You may be watching from the comfort of home, but you'll feel seen and connected through every moment. With top-quality, 100% LIVE sessions, Q&A time with every speaker, daily group workshops with fellow attendees, and a community that will lift you up and believe in your dreams, you simply can't miss this.

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When You Attend Mamas Talk Money You Will...


Learn from the pros: Get your questions answered by some of the most successful women in business and finance.


Strategize for success: Take what you learn and put it into practice with the help of live group workshops.


Grow your network: Meet like-minded women who want to make a positive impact with their money.


Invest in yourself: Leave this virtual event feeling inspired and motivated to take control of your financial future!


Meet the Speakers

Dazzling Keynotes

Rachel Pedersen

Rachel Pedersen

Rachel Pedersen is a social media strategist helping entrepreneurs build their dream businesses. Having gone from single mom on welfare to the founder & CEO of 2 multi-million dollar businesses, she is passionate about sharing how we can overcome fear and take those first steps towards true abundance and wealth.

Kiana Danial Headshot

Kiana danial

Kiana Danial, founder of Invest Diva, went from being fired from her job and having $0 to her name to a $5 million investment portfolio and thriving business. She'll be sharing her story and how you can create a wealth-building ecosystem for your family, no matter where you're starting!

Traci Baxley Headshot

Dr. Traci Baxley

Dr. Baxley is the creator of Social Justice Parenting™ and a 30-year educator. She'll be sharing her wisdom on how we can all practice radical love as parents and raise action-taking, justice-minded kids in an unjust world.

Molly Grubb

Molly Grubb

Molly Grubb is the Founder of Grubb Wealth. After experiencing poverty as a child and the extreme generosity of a stranger, Molly stopped thinking about money as what it could do for her and how she could develop her own wealth dynasty.

Passionate Panelists

Liz Thames Headshot

Liz “frugalwoods” thames


Kiersten Saunders Headshot

Kiersten Saunders

Rich & Regular

Jannese NYC Head Shot

Jannese Torres-Rodriguez

Yo Quiero Dinero

Jamila Souffrant Headshot

Jamila Souffrant

Journey to Launch

Kathryn Tuggle Headshot

Kathryn TUggle


Kay Mom Trotter Headshot

Kay “The Mom Trotter”

The Mom Trotter

Shang Headshot

Shang Saavedra

Save My Cents


Tanja Hester

Our Next Life

Alaina Fingal Headshot

Alaina Fingal

The Organized Money

Meg Palazzo Headsho

Meg Palazzolo

Trust & Will

... and many more!


Mamas Talk Money Is For You If...

The Agenda

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12:00 PM ET



Chelsea Brennan Circle

12:30 PM ET



Panel 1 Icon

1:30 PM ET


Panel 2 - Schedule Icons - MTM22

2:30 PM ET


Chelsea Brennan Circle

3:30 PM ET



Dinner Break

5:00 – 6:30 PM ET


Molly Grubb Headshot Sq

6:30 PM ET


Panel 3 - Schedule Icons - MTM22

7:30 PM ET


PJ Party

8:30 PM ET


MTM Icon

12:00 PM ET


Morning Kick-Off

Leisa Peterson Circle

12:15 PM ET


Patrice Washington - Circle (924 × 924 px)

1:00 PM ET

You Are Worthy Of a Legacy

Panel Icons - MTM22 (2)

2:00 PM ET

The Many Styles of Financial Legacy

Panel 5 - Schedule Icons - MTM22

3:00 PM ET

Voting With Our Dollars: How to Use Your Financial Power to Make the World a Better Place

Chelsea Brennan Circle

4:00 PM ET



Dinner Break Blue

5:30 – 6:30 PM ET


Traci Baxley Headshot

6:30 PM ET

keynote: Practicing Radical Love & Social Justice Parenting

Panel 6 - Schedule Icons - MTM22

7:30 PM ET

How to Raise Independent & Financially Savvy Kids

PJ Party

8:30 PM ET


MTM Icon

11:00 AM ET


Morning Kick-Off

Panel Icons - MTM22

11:30 AM ET

How to Build Real, Lasting Wealth

View More:

12:30 PM ET

Overcoming Fear & Taking the First Steps Towards True Abundance & Wealth

Panel 8 - Schedule Icons - MTM22

1:30 PM ET

Effective Systems for Building Wealth

Panel 9 - Schedule Icons - MTM22

2:30 PM ET

How to Talk About Money

Chelsea Brennan Circle

3:30 PM ET



Kiana Danial Headshot

5:15 PM ET

KEYNOTE: Create Your Wealth Building Ecosystem

PJ Party

6:15 PM ET

Pajama Party Panel Q&A + Giveaways

MTM Icon

7:30 PM ET

Chelsea’s Closing Remarks

Invest in Your Future - Start Building Your Legacy Today!


During the event, expect to...

Think About Wealth Differently

Wealth isn't just dollars in the bank - discover what it means for you and your family. Get clarity around how you can use money as a tool to create the freedom and space you need to pursue your highest self (and raise kids who can do the same.)

Heal Your Money Mindset

Mama, you are worthy of wealth and a thriving life. And you have the skills to make it happen. Connect with where your limiting beliefs are coming from and unlock your wealthy, abundance mindset so you can lead your kids by example.

Find Stellar Mama Friends

It's time to stop walking this journey alone - you'll connect with a community who believes in your vision for the future. Being an intentional parent, partner, and woman who considers what future her money choices are building for her family doesn't have to be weird. At Mamas Talk Money, it makes you a brave badass who's breaking cycles and starting a tradition of thriving.

Take The 1st Steps Towards Your Legacy

This is about more than sitting back and listening. We're taking action. Through three live group workshops, you'll create a vision for your financial legacy, define your family money values, and chart the first steps you need to take to start making your big dreams a reality.

Have Questions? We've Got Answers...

Friend, I’ll be honest.

We’ve heard from every type of person asking if this event is for them. Are they too early in their journey? Too far along? Does it matter if they work or are a stay-at-home mom? What if their spouse manages the finances and they haven’t gotten involved yet?

The answer, for all of them, is that if you’re a woman who wants to be intentional with her money, create a better life for herself and her family, and leave her community a better place than you found it – this event is for you.

Mamas Talk Money is a place for talking about legacy not just in the form of dollars and cents, but in helping you see the bigger picture. 

How is what you’re doing today going to help you get where you want to go? How could you better be using your money to create a world you want to live in? Are there better ways for you to build the wealth you desire?

No matter where you are, these conversations are going to help you grow. And the community you’ll be surrounded by? Priceless.

All sessions will be streamed live in the event Facebook group and on the Mamas Talk Money site, simultaneously. The group workshops will happen on Zoom. The Mamas Talk Money event Facebook group is the best place to attend the event, since that’s where you’ll be able t connect with other moms and get regular updates.

However, you can attend without being on Facebook. You’ll be able to watch all sessions on the event website, access the free resources and Expo Hall, and you’ll get daily email communication to update you on the day’s schedule.

Psst… I totally get why some people just don’t want to be on Facebook and you can get so much out of this event without being in the group. But if I were you, I’d create a profile just for this event so I could suck up as much of the knowledge and community as possible. You can always delete your profile right after.

Mamas Talk Money: The Legacy You Leave will kick off April 8, 2022, at 12:00 PM EDT and run through April 10, 2022, at 8:00 PM EDT.

Tickets for Mamas Talk Money are $49. 

Your ticket includes all the live sessions – the kickoff mixer, keynotes, panels, workshops, and pajama parties. Plus, you’ll get access to tons of goodies and be entered into thousands of dollars of giveaways. 

All event attendees also get 30 days free access to the Motivated Mama Society starting Monday, April 11th – no credit card required. 

You’ll have 30 days to watch replays, continue to ask questions as you implement what you’ve learned, and spend time with the friends you meet from the event.

Yes, all sessions are live. 

Replays will be available to watch in the Facebook group immediately after each session. With your ticket, you’ll also receive a free month in our membership community and can access the event recordings there for 30 days.

Replays will be available in the Facebook group immediately after each session ends.

After the event ends, all recordings will be added to the Motivated Mama Society Vault (Smart Money Mama’s monthly membership community) and all event attendees get 30 days free access to that community starting Monday, April 11th – no credit card required.

You’ll have 30 days to watch replays, continue to ask questions as you implement what you’ve learned, and spend time with the friends you meet from the event.

Absolutely! There are a number of aunties, godmoms, and fur mamas that come to the event. Whether or not you’re a mom or plan to ever become one, we all have communities and people in our lives that we influence. You’ll gain so much from taking this time to think about your legacy and how you use your money to make a better world.

Yes, we do have scholarships available. You can apply here.

Interested in contributing to our scholarship fund? We match any Mamas Talk Money scholarship contributions dollar for dollar so even more mamas can attend the event! Click here to contribute!

Unfortunately, we aren’t. This year, we have hand-selected all speakers to discuss important topics they are experts in and passionate about.

We are, however, still accepting affiliates to help us promote this incredible event! If you are interested in hearing more, contact us here.

And, you can always contact us to be considered as a speaker next year!

We would be happy to answer them! Contact us here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 💖

Your future is calling.

You’re an incredible, loving mom and you’ve got big dreams – investments to make, debt to pay off, vacations to go on, career milestones to hit… and opportunities to give to your babies.

But you know that until you step back from the day-to-day routine and take the time to get clear about what you want, you’ll inadvertently keep taking steps that move you off the path of your long-term goals.

Maybe you’ve tried to create a plan before, but the craziness of #momlife set you back. Maybe you’re running full speed at financial freedom, but feeling like you’re doing it alone because your community just doesn’t get it.

Or maybe you’re just ready to feel confident that the money example you’re setting for your kids will give them the skills to enter adulthood financially prepared in a way you weren’t.

Wherever you are, whatever your goals, the Mamas Talk Money: The Legacy You Leave is a place to…

  • Dive deep into what wealth really means and define a wealthy life for yourself.
  • Get clear on your family’s money values and the lessons you want to teach your kids.
  • Connect with a community of incredible mamas who understand.
  • Jumpstart your financial legacy with a clear plan and action steps.

We can’t wait to see you inside.

Hi, I'm Chelsea!

Chelsea with Boys (1)

And I’m your host and emcee for the Mamas Talk Money Summit. I’m the founder of Smart Money Mamas, mother to two adorable (and slightly insane) little boys, an ex-hedge fund investor, and have more books than my house can hold.

Above all, I have an absolute passion for helping moms feel like masters with their money so they can make their craziest dreams a reality.

I’ve always been a money nerd, but when faced with going back to a demanding career – as a breadwinning mom – with a baby boy at home and undiagnosed postpartum depression, my relationship with money and career changed. I needed more flexibility. I needed my work to serve a greater purpose. And I needed to prioritize my family and my mental health.

As moms, money is about so much more than how much is in our bank account. It’s about having options and giving our family options. It’s about making sure our kids are better off financially than we are. That they have the flexibility and confidence to ignore expectation and pursue their truest purpose. It’s about being the model they need to see so they’ll be able to create their own thriving financial future.

That’s what I want for my family and what I hope for yours. It’s why I started Smart Money Mamas. I want moms everywhere to know that they have the financial power to live the life of their dreams and create a legacy that lasts for generations.