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Mama, we’re learning a lot together during this summit but there are many tools and resources out there that can help take you to the next level. We’ve rounded up our favorite resources for the mamas in our community – many of which we use ourselves! 


Some of the links in this resource list are affiliate links, meaning Mamas Talk Money gets a small commission at no cost to you. We never, ever recommend products we don’t believe serve the mamas in our audience or that we don’t know and love. For more information, please see our disclosure.

Family Finance

YNAB - You Need a Budget

Our absolute favorite budgeting tool for building better money habits. 

YNAB is developed to help you be more mindful of your spending by giving every dollar a job. Try for 31-days for free!

Note: YNAB takes some getting used to. I highly recommend watching the Mapped Out Money setup videos to make the most of your free trial!

When you’re struggling with credit card debt, back taxes, or your credit score, sometimes you just need help. But with so many scams out there, it’s hard to know who to trust. will work with you to understand your situation then match you with an accredited support provider at no cost to you.

Click the link below to learn more or call (844) 462-8280 to get advice on your specific situation.

5 Minute Budget

The Five Minute Budget is a simple, straightforward, shame-free way to budget. Built by two experienced personal finance bloggers, the 5 Minute Budget gives you accountability, advice, and motivation from us so you don’t quit this time.

Get 50% off with code “smartmama”!


You want to make sure you’re getting the best deal on home insurance, but with all the different coverage options, it can be hard to make sure you’re comparing apples-to-apples. 

Policygenius lets you compare homeowner’s rates – with the same coverage levels – from over 10 providers in just minutes. 

Personal Capital

Ready to start tracking and growing your net worth? Personal Capital has some of the best tools online for tracking net worth and cash flow budgeting – and the tools are free! Sign up, connect your accounts, and get automatic updates on your finances.

Note: Personal Capital is a robo-advisor and one of their advisors may call you. You are not required to take a call or use their investing services to use their free tools.

Credit Sesame

We all know that keeping track of our credit score is important, but we aren’t always good at logging in every month to check it. Credit Sesame is a FREE service that will monitor your credit score and update you automatically, as well as give you suggestions to improve your score or reduce interest expenses.

Grocery Budget Makeover

Mamas Talk Money speaker, Erin Chase, is the queen of cutting grocery budgets while still enjoying great food at home. Her Grocery Budget Makeover course walks through every level of getting control of your food expenses (meal planning, grocery shopping tips, creating a pantry inventory, and so much more.)

This video course starts at just $29 and will revolutionize your grocery budget.

Hot Mess to Home Success

Mamas Talk Money speaker, Rosemarie Groner, shares in her session how your budget will never feel manageable if your life is in chaos.

Hot Mess to Home Success will help the chronically disorganized stick to a budget, keep their home clean, and build a habit of cooking at home.


Instacart is a grocery delivery service, which might seem a bit extravagant for a money summit. But we didn’t get our food budget in line until we started ordering our groceries online. That delivery fee has always been more than made up for in better planned grocery orders and skipped impulse purchases.

Try an order and see how it works for your family!


Make savings goals fun! For $3/mo, set unlimited unique savings goals in an FDIC-insured account and start working towards your goals. With the ability to set creative rules – like round-up savings on certain expenses or matching savings on your Starbucks run – you’ll save for your goals without even thinking about it.

For $3 per month, the average Qapital customer saves $1,500 a year. Check it 


Charlie is the money prodigy penguin. This free service will text you updates on your spending, suggest areas where you could negotiate bills down and help you avoid extra charges – like overage and late fees.

Want to save for something new? Just text Charlie, and he’ll set goals and help you stay on track.

Arcadia Power

Cleaner power, lower prices. Sounds great, right? Arcadia Power is a free service where you can connect your utility and Arcadia will find where you can swap for lower cost wind and solar energy – even while keeping your own utility.

It all has to do with the buying and selling of renewable energy credits, but we set up our account in less than 5 minutes and it’s been lowering our bill ever since!

Investing & Retirement


Ellevest is the first robo-advisor designed specifically for women. This isn’t like the “pink tax”. Women have long needed an investment option that takes into account our unique challenges.

Women spend more time out of the workforce than men and live longer. That means it’s even harder to save for retirement. Ellevest is the first robo-advisor that caters specifically to women to make it more likely we reach our goals.

With zero investment minimums, low-fees, and access to great advice – we highly recommend Ellevest. And even if you aren’t ready to switch investment providers, their free, customized investment plans are top notch.

Get $25 to invest when you become a new client! No minimums!

Trust & Will

As parents, we all need an estate plan – but for most families there needs to be a middle ground between generic free documents and the high expense of hiring a lawyer. That’s where Trust & Will comes in.

Trust & Will makes estate planning extremely easy. Take their quick assessment to determine what type of documents you need, then complete the document through clear, step-by-step questions that explain every decision you’re making along the way. Have questions? Message their personalized support for help. It’s effective estate planning for the 21st century.

Family Emergency Binder

If an emergency separated you from your family or you passed away unexpectedly, would they have what they needed to keep the business of your life in motion?

The Family Emergency Binder puts the info your family would need at their fingertips. It is set up to guide your family through all those things we hope never happen.

The Family Emergency Binder is a fillable PDF and includes over 100 pages of simple, printable worksheets, 14 easy-to-navigate subsections – no shuffling through drawers and file cabinets, and the perfect mix of cold-hard-fact and emotional legacy. Including your son’s favorite lullaby.

Invested Development

Ready to learn about investing and feel confident about how you’re building your future retirement? Mamas Talk Money speaker, Amanda Holden, is the most fun investment teacher ever. Seriously, we aren’t exaggerating.

Her Invested Development course is run in small groups – ONLINE – live so you can learn, ask questions, and make progress while getting your questions answered. And laughing a lot.


Vanguard is the gold-standard in low-fee index fund investing. They manage significantly more assets than any other provider and are consistently lowering costs and minimums.

For hands-off investors, choose from all-in-one funds or manage your own investments with a wide selection of options.


For most people, your 401(k) or 403(b) is your largest retirement asset. But are you sure you’re getting the most out of it?

Blooom is a robo-advisor that specializes in retirement accounts. They offer an excellent, 5-minute free analysis of your employer-sponsored retirement plan (401(k), 457, 403(b), 401(a), or TSP). Find out if you could lower your fees or reduce risk in your portfolio.


Dip your toe into the world of investing with Acorns. Automatically invest your spare change (through automatic deposits or “round up” of purchases) in one of Acorns’ Smart Portfolios, made up of low-cost ETFs.

You’re unlikely to get rich using Acorns flagship “investing with spare change” model, but we love that it lets you get used to looking at a small portfolio, riding through market cycles, and hopefully can empower you to invest more than dimes and quarters in the future.

Fees start at just $1 per month.


Get low-cost term life insurance, entirely online – without a health exam. You can apply and get approved for life insurance in less than 10 minutes.

We purchased my husband’s policy through Bestow – after spending a year putting it off until he had time to do a health exam – and loved how quick and easy the process was.

Bestow offers up to $1 million of coverage for 10- or 20-year terms. A 2-year term policy is also available for up to $500,000 of coverage. 

Haven Life

Haven Life is an excellent term life insurance company, offering well-priced policies with a simple online application process. Haven Life offers coverage up to $3 million for those under 60 years old and has a variety of term options.

Most policies do require a health exam – those in excellent health may be exempt. 

In addition, Haven Life is focused on serving their customers throughout their life. Haven policies include a free will, access to a premium fitness app, a secure online storage vault and many other services.

Career & Business

Unlock Your Career Clarity

Want to find a career that doesn’t feel like work, where you can use your unique skills to do work that matters? Mamas Talk Money speaker, Dr. Tega Edwin, is a professional career counselor and her Unlock Your Career Clarity Bundle will help you identify the best career for you in just a weekend.

It’s the career counseling support we all wish we had in school, with heart!

Use code CAREERMAMA for 30% off!


Looking for a remote or flexible job online can be overwhelming. You’re always worried about whether the offer on the other side is a scam. That’s why FlexJobs exists – to help you save time, sort through the nonsense, and find legitimate job that fits your lifestyle.

FlexJobs hand-screens remote, part-time, freelance and flexible jobs for you. Jobs are sorted into over 50 categories, details are provided on every company, and there are over 25,000 active job postings right now that you can apply to right in the platform.

Use code SAVE30 for 30% off!


Personal & professional development for high-performing, career-minded working parents.

Get 60-minute 1:1 working parent coaching sessions to create a smooth transition plan before family leave, learn how to build your village of resources or manage childcare disruptions, develop new communication skills for home & work, or get the support you need to develop the career you want.

Do 3 Coaching Sessions, Get 1 Free! Email [email protected] to schedule


Whether you want to start a blog, freelancing business, podcast or any other business – you need a website. In 2019, it’s hard to seem credible without one.

Bluehost offers quality web hosting from $3.95 a month, including your domain name and an email account.

With automatic install of WordPress, free staging (work on your site without it being open to the public), and helpful support for newbies, you can be setup and customizing your site in minutes.

Start your new site today!

Profitable Etsy Printable Shop

We all know the best side hustles generate passive income. Do the work once, reap the profits for years. And an Etsy Printable Shop can be the perfect entry into building your passive income streams.

The Profitable Etsy Printable Shop course will help you identify a niche, create Etsy listings that sell, and start earning a profit for your shop with no major investment. 

The Smart Money Mamas Etsy shop, which is not linked to from the blog and doesn’t use paid ads, has earned almost $1,000 in the past six months! Get your shop started today!

30 Days to VA Success

Working virtually—from home (or anywhere!)—is becoming more and more common, and the demand for virtual assistants is higher than ever before. 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success – from Mamas Talk Money speaker, Gina Horkey – will walk you step-by-step through launching and growing your virtual assistant business.

You’ll learn about setting up your online presence, choosing what services to offer, finding clients, pitching potentials clients, what to do after you get your first client, and much, much more.

There’s no fluff. The course content is clear and actionable which keeps you from getting hung up on tasks that don’t lead directly to income.


Simple accounting and invoicing for freelancers and business owners.

When you’re business was new, you probably didn’t need an accounting software. You only had a few transactions and could use a simple spreadsheet. But as things grow, a service like FreshBooks can help you stay organized for tax season.

Starting at $15 per month, Freshbooks is a very popular small business accounting platform with an excellent invoicing system. It is a bit more user friendly than QuickBooks, a major competitor, but does have somewhat fewer accounting and tax tools. Head over for a 30-day free trial!

Earn More Writing

The demand for writers is high. If you can hit deadlines, follow the direction of an editor, and commit to improving your writing with each new project, you can make great money as a freelance writer. You don’t need an advanced degree or any formal writing training. And the best person to learn from is Holly Porter Johnson.

Holly makes over $200,000 a year freelance writing and her course helps new writers pitch effectively and get paid what they’re worth (no writing in exchange for ‘exposure’). When I took the course, it paid itself back when I booked my first client two days later!


VIPKID allows you to teach English and elementary education online to children in China ranging from ages 4 – 12. You don’t need to know a word of Mandarin; you can work from anywhere you please, set your own teaching hours, and never have to grade papers or create a lesson plan!

VIPKID teachers can work as much or as little as they want, but teachers frequently earn over $1,500 a month working 15-20 hours a week.

All you need is a Bachelor’s degree, some experience working with children (tutoring, coaching or babysitting counts!), and a stable internet connection.

Kids & Money


The CEO Kid is an online course that helps kids aged 10 to 15 (though there are some younger students!) go from a big idea to a living business.

The course is broken into powerful, bite-sized videos with simple worksheets to help kids think through their idea like a seasoned entrepreneur. They will learn how to define their customer, determine their marketing and branding strategy, create an amazing customer experience, and set prices profitably.

The CEO Kid is a course designed for any child who has ever asked to have a lemonade stand, sell handmade bracelets door-to-door, or who seems curious about business. It’s also the perfect way to build business education into their learning experience.


In a world where money is increasingly invisible, hidden behind credit and debit cards and online banks, teaching smart money skills has gotten harder. 

FamZoo is our favorite service for teaching kids of all ages how to handle money in a digital world. By using prepaid debit cards, FamZoo allows parents to create a “Bank of Mom & Dad”, where their kids have their own money but still have oversight from parents.

FamZoo offers a ton of cool features like the ability to create virtual save/spend/give jars, pay interest to motivate savings or charge fees for bad behaviors like skipped chores. 


Want help saving for college? Open a low-fee, high-quality tax-advantaged 529 Plan in just 5 minutes for your child – or future child – and get a special link to invite grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends to contribute at birthdays and holidays. 

The Fidelity Kids & Money study has shown that grandparents in particular want to help with college expenses. Give them an easy way to contribute directly to your child’s future.


Our favorite save-spend-give piggybank to start teaching young kids about money. Sections of the jar are solid, transparent plastic so that the kids can see the amounts in each section. Parts are held together with a strong rubber band to be separated as needed.


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