Meet Our Speakers

Mamas Talk Money is giddy with excitement about our incredible lineup of speakers across a wide range of financial topics. From budgeting and bridging financial differences with your spouse, to saving for retirement, earning more at work, or teaching kids of all ages about money, we have someone awesome coming to speak with you!

The summit will be organized over four main themes: Family Finance, Investing & Retirement, Career & Business, and Kids & Money. All speakers are shown with the theme in which they will be presenting.

Enjoy getting to know all these fantastic women!

Family Finance

Elle Martinez - Headshot

Elle Martinez

Couple Money

Jen Hemphill

Jen Hemphill

Her Money Matters

amanda cropped - Amanda Teixeira

Amanda Teixeira

Wallet Wins

Investing & Retirement

Brittney Financially Wise

Brittney Castro

Financially Wise Women

Amanda Holden Picture

Amanda Holden

Dumpster Dog Blog

Capalad Photo

Pamela Capalad

Brunch & Budget

Carolyn Rosenblatt

Carolyn RosenBlatt

Aging Parents

Debbie Sassen

Debbie Sassen

Debbie Sassen

Michelle Cooper - Indya C

Michelle Cooper

XML Financial – W

SKwan Headshot - Jenifer Monroe

Sylvia Kwan


JennieSanders - Jenifer Monroe

Jennie Sanders


Heather Satin

Heather Satin

Fast Form Legal

Emily Guy Birken

Emily Guy birken

Emily Guy Birken

Hawaii Isabel - Elizabeth Colegrove

Elizabeth Colegrove

The Reluctant Landlord

Career & Business

Frugalwoods PNG

Elizabeth Thames


Georgene Huang

Georgene Huang


Katherine Goldstein

Katherine Goldstein

The Double Shift


Jenny Maenpaa

Forward in Heels

Horkey Gina

Gina Horkey

Horkey Handbook

J Johnsrud

Jillian Johnsrud

MT Money Adventures


Dr. Tega Edwin

Her Career Doctor

Catherine Alford

Catherine Alford

Catherine Alford

Mary Beth

Mary Beth Ferrante

Live Work Lead

headshoy - Lauren Greutman

Lauren Greutman

Lauren Greutman


Patrina Dixon

It’$ My Money

Kids & Money

Annette Economides

Annette Economides

Money Smart Family

Leah Remillet

Leah Remillét

The CEO Kid

Holly Reid Toodle Headshot

Holly Reid Toodle

The Master Playbook

Liz Frazier Peck Small

Liz Frazier

Liz Frazier

Debbie Schwartz

Debbie Schwartz


Brynne Conroy

Brynne Conroy

Femme Frugality

Kathryn Flynn

Kathryn Flynn


160318_INHERQUST_1276 - Dina Shoman

Dina Shoman